Where creativity and climate action collide.

The way we create is rapidly changing.

As global sustainability and ESG legislation evolves, companies face mandatory climate disclosures and regulatory action—especially around greenwashing.

At PACT, we see beauty in the way humans adapt.

Our collagen-derived biomaterials offer designers unparalleled flexibility, while minimising environmental footprint across the entire production process.

How PACT makes real impact

Material consistency

Capturing the strength, feel, stretch and durability of heritage leather through upcycled collagen.

How PACT makes real impact

Zero polluting

No harsh chemicals are used in our production process. PACT minimises water pollution and protects workers from exposure to harmful chemicals.

How PACT makes real impact

Low carbon

Our collagen is a natural byproduct of sustainable fish farming. By transforming nutrient-rich waste into a collagen biomaterial, PACT helps multiple industries to decarbonize.

How PACT makes real impact

Immediate progress

Scalable and efficient, PACT seamlessly integrates into existing supply chains.

At our laboratory and pilot plant, we’re developing adaptable biomaterials for industries beyond fashion—and testing them at industrial scale.

We’re committed to helping the world’s most innovative companies dream and create without limits, from furniture to automotives.

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We partner with fellow visionaries and planet-minded people. Discover how PACT’s bespoke technology can bring meaningful change to your brand — and beyond. 


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