We're here for designers.


Materials that keep up with your imagination. 

Nature—earth’s most ambitious artist—offers us a blueprint on how to imagine. Every mind-bending hue, sculptural silhouette and pattern blooms in its oeuvre.

Our biomaterials are engineered to give designers that same freedom, seamlessly adapting to the most complex of visions.


Performance ready 

Our patented biomaterial, Oval, has been rigorously tested to meet the savoir-faire techniques of luxury leather goods.

Unlike materials made from other biomass sources, Oval’s collagen base allows for supreme flexibility, handfeel and endless customisation, from precise colour to intricate embellishments.

It’s the first material that harnesses recovered collagen for unfettered creative expression.

Design with Oval

Oval is just the beginning. 

Inside PACT’s headquarters—a laboratory for material experimentation—our scientists are developing a suite of biomaterials for use across consumer industries.

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