Elegant biomaterials, made in harmony with planet earth.

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We design transformative, sustainable biomaterials from resources the earth gifts us: collagen, herbal extracts, oils and minerals.

We’re determined to help humanity create products with efficiency and kindness—beginning with an advanced material made with a rich natural protein.

A supple biomaterial
empowering creativity.

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Designed for creative collaboration and made with traceability, Oval is a revolutionary biomaterial.

Its elegant, infinitely adaptable skin is crafted from collagen—not plastic. This marvellous structural protein is a major building block of leather, and the most plentiful protein in our own bodies.

It’s also a natural and readily available byproduct of many industries, such as sustainable freshwater fish farming.

Our process starts with ethical extraction of excess collagen, which is transformed into collagen sheets. These are enriched with all-natural ingredients, then enhanced using time-honoured finishing techniques.

For our luxury partners, Oval radically reduces environmental impact and inspires unlimited design possibilities.

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Our expert team and advisory panel bring a breadth of vital perspectives—and breakthrough innovations—to PACT every day.

We are scientists and engineers, creatives and investors, all pioneering a material reality that benefits our biosphere.

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We partner with fellow visionaries and planet-minded people. Discover how PACT’s bespoke technology can bring meaningful change to your brand — and beyond. 


Elegant biomaterials, made in harmony with planet earth.

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